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学生基本情况介绍:2017级ACCA班的程诗蕴、田雪阳和刘滢三位同学于2019年9月至2020年7月赴英国BPP University伯明翰校区进行为期一年的交换生学习生涯。三位同学均顺利完成所有课程学习,获得BPP大学结业证书,并取得ACCA高级商业会计证书。其中,田雪阳同学和程诗蕴同学更是取得该阶段Audit and Assurance课程七十分以上的优异成绩。



(What made you decide to study ACCA in BPP as an exchange student inyour junior year?)


In fact, I came across the BPP exchange program in my first year of university and had the idea of spending a year in the UK as an exchange student. Personally, I would love to experience the customs  and ways of communication in different countries and regions, so having had the opportunity to do so in my third year of university, and having considered my financial and self-pressure tolerance and having passed the internal language test at BPP, I felt I should take this opportunity to become an exchange student.


(Will the English atmosphere help ACCA study differently?)


The ACCA, as we all know, is essentially an "international chartered accountant" in the UK, so it stands to reason that English would be a prerequisite for obtaining the certificate.Learning English requires a good language environment, and this is especially true when it comes to learning English-related skills. After experiencing ACCA education in China and the UK, I realized that studying in an all-English environment helped me to develop my English thinking skills, which helped me to better understand the material, to think for myself, and to be more flexible in applying what I learned in practice.


(Have you met any difficulties or interesting things in your studyand life?)


There are so many interesting things in life, such as the interactions with classmates after school, shopping at weekends, or cooking a difficult dish for ourselves, and the Nordic experience during the holidays, where we were lucky enough to see Aurora many times. I think the biggest difficulty in learning is the language. The main language difficulty was notreflected in the classroom, but in the self-reinforcement review after the class, when faced with large paragraphs of text, when recalling the classroom content, it was not as clear as my mother tongue, but after a period of time to adapt to the language is always much better.


刘滢:(Have you ever thought about your plan after the exchangestudy trip in BPP?)


Ofcourse. After finishing the BPP, we also successfully completed the small goal of passing all subjects in F phase. But the next study task is still very difficult, because we still face the problem of finding a job or researching for graduation while studying four subjects in the remaining P phase. So what I want to do is to try my best to push progress of learning ACCA for one step forward if possible without delaying the completion of our post-graduation goal, no matter it is one or several subjects.


(Did you have any classmates or teachers in BPP that impressed youparticularly?)


Every teacher we met was very patient and experienced, and the student I was most impressed with was a woman from Afghanistan. She was in her late thirties and during our chat she told us that she had emigrated to the UK and had three children. I was surprised; after all, having three children is a very busy family life. She told us that the reason why she still came to study at this age was that she wanted to help her husband's business by obtaining ACCA certificate, and she also thought that people should study hard to improve themselves, no matter what age they are, age is never an obstacle to study.


(BPP teaching method, what help to ACCA learning?)


The way BPP is taught is described in one word as freedom. The tutor's role is more of a guide, guiding the student to understand the knowledge and how to apply it. The tutor's role is more to guide the student to understand and apply the knowledge and knowledge.


(What's the special feeling in one year's exchange program besides learning?)


First of all, it's a change in thinking, I guess. After learning about the different ways of thinking of foreigners, it was very interesting to try to think in their logical way and compare it with my own habitual way of thinking, which would have different results. It was very rare that we encountered this epidemic in the second semester, and after taking classes for a while, the school had to switch to online video conferencing. It wasn't particularly difficult to study, apart from not being able to go to the school library, but it did make me realize how lucky I am to come from a very strong country. When the epidemic started to get serious in the UK, our country promptly sent enough health packs to international students, which included not only masks and disinfection products that are hard to buy abroad, but also the very useful Lotus Flower Plague vaccine. This gave us a deeper understanding of the saying that only when you go abroad will you become more patriotic.


(What is the impact of learning ACCA on future work planning?)


For us, the ACCA certificate is actually an addition to our resume,which gives us more options to practice. The experience of studying abroad makes me have a little yearning for the corporate culture and working environment of foreign companies, so my current career plan is to do an internship in an accounting firm, and then go to a suitable foreign company to make use of what I have learned if my ability allows.


(What would you like to say to freshman?)


Take the time to go for it while you are young. Always be prepared to seize opportunities when they arise.





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